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United Christian Church of India

United Christian Church of India (UCCI) runs 6 residential schools in the Indian state of Andra Pradesh. Together they educate and care for almost 2,000 children and young people from some of the State's poorest communities.

As part of its ministry, UCCI also undertakes ambitious outreach programmes including mobile medical units, care for the elderly, vocational training, local employment and emergency relief work.

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Enduring partnership

In the 1980's leaders from CFC met UCCI's leaders, John and Nalini Winston, and this encounter developed into to a close partnership that continues to this day.

A local charity - Frontline Development - was set-up to support UCCI and it has raised substantial sums for new build projects.

The charity also administers and promotes a child sponsorship scheme.

After John’s untimely death in 2005, aged 47, his wife Nalini took responsibility for UCCI and continues to develop its ministry with the help of her sons.

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Holywood VIP

In recognition of the Winston's committment to UCCI's work, Holywood CFC invited Nalini to open its new community hall in May 2008.

Over the years, many Northern Irish visitors to UCCI have been asked to officiate at the opening a new building. And they have been lavishly honoured in the Indian style! It was a pleasure to return the Winston's kindness.

How can I help?

We can't personally solve the world's problems but we can go a long way in solving the problems in one person's world. And that's what child sponsorship does.

A small investment of £30 per month makes a huge difference in India. It enables UCCI to care for and educate a child who would otherwise have little hope of escaping poverty.

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Sponsors often testify to the satisfaction of following their child's progress through school and into adulthood. UCCI place great emphasis on helping their young people into gainful employment or into higher education.

Another way of getting involved is to visit UCCI. Regular team trips are organised and are an excellent way to experience India for the first time.

To find out more about supporting UCCI's work, please contact the Holywood CFC office.

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